Testing silly rhyme schemes

Find me a form that I can’t understand.
Words that flow from your fleeting glimpses of
Life, an order unlike any other,
Bird song captured in letters and ink stains.

Rife with memory, scribe a symphony,
Hoard experience through language. Show me
Highs, lows, passion and depression, the long
Score, soundtrack to your existence.

Should not all art take a chance? A tiny
Risk, no matter how small, sets it apart
From the safety of ease and certainty.

Food for thought, sustenance for my new soul.
It makes me laugh; it seems that leaving my
Home gave my mind the space needed to grow.



I think i might have one of the nicer student village views

I need to find myself a coloured soul
To pull me out of the monochrome hole
I dug with broken words and scrabbling nails.
The edges too shear for me to scale.

An Introduction

As you may have guessed from the title, my name is Patrick Pink, and I am an aspiring writer currently studying English Literature at Swansea University. Over the course of my writing, I’m looking to experiment stylistically as well as in terms of genre. Currently, I am drawn to sceenwriting and short stories, as they are forms I can easily fit around my studies.

In terms of influences, I would say I’m an avid reader, interested in a variety of genres. Although I find it difficult to pinpoint a set of favourite books, I would have to place both The Time Machine, by HG Wells and Monkey by Wu Ch’Eng-En although for entirely different reasons. I love The Time Machine largely for the authenticity of the far future that Wells creates; as an extrapolation of the flaws within modern society, it appeals to both the sci-fi and political sides of my tastes. Monkey, however, is simply a fantastic story, made only more entertaining because it pertains to a part of the world I love, the Far East.

Anyway, that’s me in a nutshell. Any updates on here will probably be drafts, so don’t take it too seriously.