Brambles (In Progress)

Brambles flourish in the dark,
Flay your mind and choke your heart,
And if you feed them fear and hate,
Of your soul a husk they’ll make.


To The Cousin Who Made Me Realise I’m Growing Up


How can the tempestuous winds of life
Harm love built in the heart of a storm?
It knows the tempest’s strength; chooses to scorn
Rather than fear its hand. Husband and wife,

A bond beyond the slow measure of time,
Stretching in infinite loops. Never torn,
Though the years beat upon it with fists born
Of envy. Envy of love, pure, divine.

From the outside, looking in, I see
Only this hyperbolic view of your
Happiness. And I hope my sight is true.

Because you deserve this. To me, it seems
You have earned the right to bliss. And before
This gets cheesy, cut it short. Here’s to You.