Soul Windows

For a moment
Everything stops.
A single silver string suspends
Five years of half hopes
And dangerous desires.
My eyes bore in to hers,
Searching for a flicker
For anything
A single spark to show
That all is not lost.

But her pupils
Are dark, deep as the ocean.
The moment breaks
A wave upon her pale blues iris.
And all I have left
Is the turn of my heel,
The lights of the city
And the echo of the closed door.


3 thoughts on “Soul Windows

    • Thankyou, its fantastic to get some feedback! Sea metaphors seem to crop up rather frequently in my work, probably because i’ve always lived beside the ocean.

      • I wish I lived near the ocean! I love seascapes and landscapes and find them calming. I even love images of the roughness of the sea as in a strange way I find that therapeutic

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