Suburbia You Gave Me Nothing

I travelled through suburbia languid
On          tip           tip           tip           toes
To preserve uneasy quiet
Of watching fishnet windows
Guarded by creaking bones
In charity shops clothes
.                                                                (Better wash the dead off)
.                                                                (Before you wear them)
Armoured in
Scratching sweaters armed with
Down-the-nose glances
Disapproving coughs
Disgusted words whispered through
Whatever teeth
Remain for spite to
Whistle through

Face covered
I ducked and weaved
Through flinty stares
Icy glares
Launched from domestic strongholds
Through thick-rimmed bifocal scopes
At hoods and boards and cigarettes
Targeted between meticulously tidy topiary
Over trimmed lawns
Landing with laser accuracy
Shame inducing

.                                               (what are their kind doing round here)
.                                              (this is a nice, quiet neighbourhood)
.                              Someones Aunt sputters in to the ear of anyone
.                               Who’ll listen to her tirade
.                              Served hot and garnished with expensive shortbread
.                                             (Waitrose darling, all butter and just divine)
I turned the corner
Carried on to town
Heard the hostile suburbs
Ripple with the chagrin of my passing

.                                                                  Can’t wait to go back through tomorrow
.                                                                  Make them uncomfortable do I?
.                                                                  Fuck ‘em.